Our Founder: Our History

Our Founder. Our history.

When you think of Action, you think Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. Our founder is known throughout the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer. To us, he is affectionately known as "Papa." Because of his obedience and tenacity to overcome daunting odds, we are a part of a growing movement of over 100 Action branch churches and even more affiliate/partner churches.

Our history begins in him--in what God did in and through his life. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams was converted in 1976, attended Archbishop Benson Idahosa's Bible College in Nigeria in 1977, and returned to Accra, Ghana to establish what was then called Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) in 1979. CAFM church was the first of a new stream of Charismatic churches in Ghana which has since flourished across the globe. (View Archbishop's full bio.)

Renamed Action Chapel International, our headquarters church in Accra, Ghana seats 4,000, and is located near the national airport and Accra Shopping Mall on what has become prime real estate.

True to the Spiritual DNA of our founder, the church hosts several prayer services throughout the week, including:

  • Dominion Hour (Thursday)
  • Morning Glory (Saturday)
  • Women’s Prayer (Monday)
  • Deliverance Night (Friday)

On the church premises, you will find Dominion Theological Seminary, New Seasons Restaurant, a bank, a credit union, a health clinic, a snack bar, a barbershop and more. For more information on our global headquarters church, visit www.actionchapel.net.

Our Papa. Our Champion.

Action produces champions because our founder is a champion. It is in the DNA of our ministry. To learn more about the Archbishop's life and the incredible odds he has overcome, be sure to review the following video entitled, Providence and Destiny. You can also get a copy of the full story in the book, Providence and Destiny at Amazon. Watch and be inspired.

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