The Circumcision Without Hands

Welcome to our online education experience designed to train and equip you to understand the spiritual significance of water baptism. This act of obedience should be done with understanding and is a wonderful experience when done with open heart and understanding of mind. "And Jesus being baptized and praying, the heavens opened." Get ready for the wonderful experience that water baptism should be.


This short course is an overview of the significance and method of New Testament Water Baptism. By the end of the course, you'll understand:

  • Why every New Testament Christian should be water baptized
  • The prerequisite for water baptism
  • The spiritual significance of water baptism
  • How (the method) the Scripture says we should be water baptized
  • Whether you should be re-baptized

Welcome to the course. The course is approximately 35 minutes long.

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  Understanding Water Baptism
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I'm So Glad You're Here

Pastor Lenita Reeves

I'm so glad you've chosen to learn more about Action and to empower yourself. Having this course online allows you to learn at your own pace. But don't think you'll be alone. My team and I will be in the course to read and respond to your comments. And if you have any questions, please email [email protected]